You would have surely come across these lines on washing instructions of your delicate clothes. If not, don’t we love our clothes and especially the expensive ones? Well, frankly speaking with long working hours and hectic schedules few things do go unnoticed and particularly the ones which are of the least significance (who loves washing clothes anyway? Except us, may be!)

Finding time for washing clothes is an unavoidable task and this hassle gets compounded if we start paying attention every tiny aspect for every different cloth of ours. The washing experience turns from being worse to a nightmare!

At Laundrywala, we love solving problems and helping people to do better things with their time, taking care of each detail. You can say we love clothes. Washing your delicate clothes is an art in itself and we are proud to say that we are the masters in this particular art form. 

We say so because washing delicate clothes requires more than patience, it requires knowledge. And from knowledge we mean choosing:

  1. The right water temperature: Using the right water temperature can have a huge effect on the outcome of your clothes. The hotter the water, the better is the cleaning potential but hot water has its pros and cons as well. It can cause shrinking and fading too in some fabrics.
  2. The right detergent: Delicate clothes demand a milder detergent. A harsh detergent can cause them to fade, become discoloured or even shrink.
  3. The right washing cycle:  Using the correct cycle for washing and spinning will help clean your clothes and keep them looking their best. However, a slight error in judging the best cycle for your delicates can result in stretching and ripping of your favourite dress.
  4. And the right way of drying: The last step accounts for the greatest importance because every delicate cloth involves special drying needs. For example some woollen clothes need to be ‘dry flat’ or ‘reshape and dry flat’. A proper drying technique increases the life of your delicate clothes. Didn’t know that right?

These form the very basic requirements of washing delicate clothes. Be it wool, silk or linen every cloth has it owns needs and be assured LaundryWala is equipped with the best resources to take care of all these needs. We recognize the love people have for these irreplaceable DELICATE clothes, so leave all your worries to us and just enjoy being the best in your stunning outfits.

So we will rephrase the above written phrase for you.


Buy all you want and enjoy all you want because you have us the laundry experts at your command. You will always fell the warmth of wool, softness of silk and coolness of linen, the same as NEW!

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