Laundry Wala: a genie in disguise!

“YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND”, many of us has heard this phrase but only few have understood the real meaning. And we take pride in saying that we are one of the very few who have actually put this into practice. We are the Laundry Wala, a company which provides on demand laundry and dry cleaning services to people who seek that special treatment towards their clothes, as if they were our own. Rather let us enlighten you that all you will find here at Laundry Wala is LOVE, CARE AND RESPECT for clothes.

Existing in a fast paced world, working professionals have lot more to care for than spending their whole weekends washing, cleaning, drying and ironing clothes. With long working hours and hectic schedules with the peer pressure of keeping up to the social commitments, Laundry Wala comes with the most optimum solution of taking care for at least one of your worries. It is as simple as putting up your laundry needs online and we get it done for you. Amazing isn’t it?

Equipped with the latest and the most advanced technology we are prepared for any kind of laundry challenges. So just give us one call and you can soak all your troubles away!

How it works?

With just a click we arrange for delivery boys to pick up clothes, who inspect and tag clothes accordingly as every fabric has its own washing instruction. They wash, dry clean, iron and deliver regular orders in 3-4 days and express orders in 24 hours. It is just as awesome as it sounds!

How much it costs?

All of this for sure will not come cheap but sorry to disappoint you again. The prices at Laundry Wala are very reasonable, for 50 garments a month, the company charges Rs. 999 — which includes biweekly pickups, wash and iron and delivery. If you want to know more about our rates, please visit our website

With laundry experts at your command, free yourself from your daily laundry hassles and get addicted to the awesomeness of online laundry service.


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