Winters! A season of fresh cold breeze, tender snow and so much warmth! As loved as a season is, also the winter attires!! Pulling out the precious fur jackets to the classy warm coats, forever in style sweaters and stoles is like digging a long hidden treasure. Winter clothing not only enhances the look of the season but also reinstates an elegant style statement.

However, much loved this season maybe, but the proper care of the heavy, delicate, loved and expensive winter clothing is dreaded by everyone. From storing clothes with care and precision, to retaining their newness and appeal is not only difficult but also tedious. It requires calculated accuracy to extract the maximum out of clothing and preserving its novelty.

We give you simple and effective tips for cleaning, packing, storing and using your valued winter clothes that they may look bright, neat and new, year after year with every use and also retain the warmth you always craved.

Clean Right and Prolong their Life  The first and the most common tip in the care of woolens is correct wash!


  • Always look out for instructions on the garment to understand its wash requirements. It is usually advisable to hand wash the woolen or get them dry cleaned at a reliable dry cleaner.
  • Be sure to check for loose buttons or threads before handing over.
  • When washing at home, slightly dry squeeze the woolen and let it dry in sunlight by spreading it on a flat surface.
  • Tight squeezing the clothes or hanging them to dry may loosen the size or distort the shape.

Storing and packing – The woolens must be stored appropriately in a closet which permits passage of air.


  • Placing woolen clothes in a moist or poorly ventilated place may cause them to have a foul damp smell.
  • The coats must be hanged and buttoned on a coat hanger while the sweaters and jackets can be folded neatly to avoid creases.
  • Remove the lint from the coat with the coat brush and neatly place the sweaters and jackets to fold.
  • While packing the woolens one can use mothballs or cedar sachets to prevent fabric decay by moths.
  • Keep the mothballs wrapped in a cotton cloth or paper. Directly placing mothballs between or with the woolens can cause staining.

Wearing it right! – We often underestimate the value of correctly caring of our woolens when we are wearing them. Wool is a delicate fabric, and it should be handled well while being worn.


  • Try and avoid direct perfume sprays on wool as it attracts moth, notice surfaces before sitting to avoid stains and dirt.
  • Do not stretch your woolens by tying them around waist or hang them on shoulders.
  • Avoid staining while eating.

Dry Clean Reminder! – All woolens need dry cleaning before they are packed away for summers.

  • Dry cleaning ensures that the quality of the wool and condition of the cloth is maintained till it’s time to dig in for woolens again!

Some preservation tips and a little effort go a long way in stretching the life of your favorite winter clothing! Enjoy winter and let Laundrywala take care of your clothes.

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