6 tips to help organize and simplify for the New Year!

Now that the holidays are winding to a close, most of us are starting to think of the New Year ahead and all the resolutions that we may or may not be keeping in the months to come. Organization and keeping a cleaner house are high on my list and I know a lot of you feel the same way. I have searched tested these quick tips, and am well on my way to clean and organized 2015…
1. Store sheets inside your pillow cases (ensuring a full set every time): I hate when I am having guests come and stay and I go to change the sheets in the guest room and I can only find mismatched sheets. I don’t claim to have the most put together home but I want my guests to at least sleep on some matching sheets. By taking the flat and fitted sheet, folding them and placing them inside the pillow cases you can just grab and go!

2. Cut PVC pipes to fit ties and scarves: If you go to any hardware store you can purchase various sizes of PVC piping. The piping is really inexpensive and you can choose the width that suits your needs. By gluing or connecting the pipes you can organize ties, socks, undergarments, or jewelry. You can cut the pipes to fit in a drawer or mount them into a closet. It looks neat and is easy to construct.

3. Keep outfits together with pop tabs: I know that for me, I have several outfits that I always wear together. I don’t ever keep those outfits together and so I am often searching for the pants that go with the shirt or the shirt that I wear under a specific outfit. By connecting your hangers using pop tabs, you are able to ensure that all pieces stay together. This will save you time and if you’re anything like me, it will save a lot of frustration as well.

4. Give missing socks a special place to live. I feel like I post these signs all the time. I think they are so cute and crafty. There are a few different saying and it can really cut down on the missing sock game.

5. Use pipe cleaners or rubber bands to hold clothing in place: When I came across this tip, it was like a light bulb came on! “Why didn’t I think of that!?!?!”. By wrapping pipe cleaners or rubber bands around the ends of your hangers, you are able to keep your clothes from slipping off the hangers. Genius!

6. The closet downsizing experiment: I really have a hard time letting go of clothes that I am SURE I will wear…someday. Here’s a way to keep it real and truly see what you wear throughout the year. Turn all hangers in your closet backwards. When you wear something and replace it facing the right way. At the end of the year, if something is still facing backwards, it’s time to get rid of it!

Just a few simple steps (and Laundry Care) will allow for you to give yourself the gift of time in 2015. Be good to yourself and be good to your family.

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