Fall Cleaning: 4 Types of Clothes You NEED To Let Go

Ladies the time has come!

It’s getting darker earlier, and it’s getting cooler. You’re probably noticing all the spring and summer clothes you’ve worn out and some that you hadn’t worn this summer. So you know what that means…

It’s time to clean out your closet!

I know its hard to get rid of clothes, shoes, and other materialistic pleasures, but don’t fall into the trap of being a hoarder when you should be cleaning out your closet. You don’t have to throw out everything, but you should be updating and revamping your closet at least twice a year. So out with the old, and welcome the new!


Here are the different types of apparel you should be clearing your closet of:

  • Don’t Fit. If you haven’t been able to fit into clothes for a year, then it’s time to put them in the donation pile. Even if you promised yourself you’ll lose that extra 10 pounds! If it hasn’t happened yet, let that dream defer. It’s okay that you didn’t met your goal, what isn’t okay is you lying to yourself. Also clothes that are too big if you’ve lost weight. Enjoy your current size, don’t worry about if you may gain the weight back. That’s unnecessary stress you’re adding to your life. You look good, so just worry about dressing your current body.
  • You Know Better. It doesn’t matter how “comfortable,” the clothes may be. You need to ask yourself: do I really need that faded t-shirt that I’m holding on to? Probably not, so get rid of it! Those jeans that are wearing out in the center, but fit you so well can go too. LET THAT SH*T GO! Your body deserves to be dressed in the best clothes that your money can afford.
  • Damaged Clothing. If you can’t fix it–ditch it! That shirt with the stain you still can’t get out, or that silk dress with the irreparable hole that can’t be fixed, you need to let it go. It can still be new, but if you can’t wear it, then it’s doing you no good.
  • Old and Smelly. If there are yellow stains in the under arm of your shirts, or your leggings are crumbling in the middle, throw them away. Don’t even pass them on to anyone else. Clothes that have been boxed up so long that they have acquired a smell can also be tossed out. Everything is not meant to be passed down. If you’ve gotten all of the treasure out of your clothes, then it’s just trash, and it’s time to let go.

I know it may be hard, but look on the bright side: you’re making room for the new items you’re getting ready to buy!

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