Choosing a good laundry service has always been a big question. Should it be the money, the timing, the convenience or the quality? Or should it be all of it? It’s funny sometimes that we spend so much of our precious time worrying on such small things, when the answer is right in front of us!

Indian households never had many options when it came to dealing with laundry. The chore either had to be completed by ourselves or through the services of our local laundromat (in other terms the Dhobi Wala).

Times have changed now! Keeping you up with the pace of this exponentially growing digital and social world, there have been some miraculous achievements. One of those big achievements is getting your laundry done online through the professionals.

Outsourcing laundry has been an early tradition amongst people but now with time they have become more concerned about their clothes. With the ever evolving lifestyle and culture change, they are as worried about their fabric as much as they worry about their fashion statement.

A crease in the collar is a big No! The hygiene and cleanliness which were not the real focus in the old methods of laundry techniques, has become a necessity now. Terms like conditioning and fabric breeze has become an essential requirement in the laundry business.

As a result of all these factors, the popularity of these local laundromats has been significantly fading. Local dhobis even though having the required washing experience, still lack the knowledge and most importantly the resources to take care of those delicate and precious clothes. This gap is now being filled by the laundry professionals like the LaundryWala.

Why would you need us? 

We always deliver what we promise. Call it professionalism or consumerism, for us it holds the same importance. Regular launderettes will offer to clean your clothes; but we at LaundryWala will make sure that your items are treated in the best way possible.

How are we different?

  1. Convenience – We offer pickup service from your house or apartment unit. Just give us a call and we will be there to take care of all your needs. Further, you also don’t need to worry about your schedule; with our services you can contact us at your own leisure without disrupting your own schedule.
  2. We care for your clothes – Cleaning standards at LaundryWala are very high. We operate in clean surroundings and our premises are free of dust, dirt or any other materials that may spoil your clothes. Further we also use RO treated water and Fab Care equipment (Best in India) to maintain the fabric quality of your clothes.
  3. Are we any good? – For us clothes are not a commodity, they are ornaments and they are handled preciously. No stain can escape without notice in here. In house trainings are provided to staff on good laundry practices and health and safety and this is how we create a benchmark in the laundry industry.

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